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Background info

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This is a working document on everything I bumped into setiing this up ....


Setting up the iTunes Account, email address, connection with credit cards or Clickandbuy.

  • Choice of desktop to start setting it up. For now I use my own desktop, and plan to test iTunes Libraries on portable hardisk drives
  • One account lets me install my licenced/bought apps on max 5 other devices. Are they planning on removing this limit? So I need to think of a workflow controlling this app collection and iTunes Library for synchronisation with the iPads we now have.
  • While Starting with getting apps or other content on the iTunes account, I decided to share what I bought/installed, subscribed via the Twitter share option in iTunes Store. As I have installed and connected my Twitter account DIGICMB with packrati.us, it will automatically create a Delicious Bookmark with that app info. I will tag all apps and content on the iPad with "ipadCMB" .
  • Very handy info on setting it up, back-up en "cleaning" at the end of the article by Oliver Obst
  • In our networked systems (Microsoft XP, Novell, ) the backup is saved at: 
    X:\Data\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
  • While working down the list of possible apps and functionality, the question arises what criteria I should follow for selection ... As the idea is to create a real "show-case" iPad as many useful apps should be available.
  • Are there any good dictation recording apps that manage the Dutch language? Need to look into that first.
  • If there is no iPad app yet in the store, we are getting the iPhone version 
  • The Library itself will be offering several "home-buttons", rss-feeds, podcasts, and possibly even some search facilities as optimized html-pages derived from our widgets, searchboxes and toolbars. Is there any easy tool to make ipad optimized  webpages?
  • When I tried to upgrade to iPad 4.2, it went wrong, could not be installed correctly, and I ended up having to restore the iPad. BUT, the restore could not be finished (error 1604). Am trying to find a solution quickly.... (24.11.2010)
  • Backup and restore need enough space on your network drive to be abled to finish completely. After being given an extra 4 GB on my personal network-drive, 3 restarts of the system, and almost gving up on it... it suddenly started to really restore and sync again,  pfew.
  • First iPads are tested by Library staff;
  • Proxy Settings for off-campus access for some Apps, like Papers, PubSearch, Pubmed on Tap etc:
  • Last bunch of Apps are added to the iPAds. See updates at the Delicious bookmark collection http://www.delicious.com/digicmb/ipadcmb 
  • Now finishing the documentation, contract, alphabetical lists, some forms, sharing and interaction tools.
  • Meanwhile check out the MEdLIbMob Community, http://www.netvibes.com/medlibmob
  • One of the iPads refuses restore ... Whatever I do at the end iTunes tells me restoring of the iPad could not be done. Error 1604 is in the Apple list of Update & Restore Messages related to "usb timing". To recover I need to set the iPad in "recovery mode". And while holding the Home button, plug in the connector in the ipad. Keep holding it till the Connect to iTunes "appears! 
    If no matter what, it still does not restore correctly, try another pc or laptop with an updated iTunes version. My iPad was restored finally via my laptop via another iTunes account. After restoring it this way , I was abled to normally update and sync it on the original desktop with the correct iTunes account. Pfew. 
  • Via the iPhone Configuration Utility  we load the wifi-profile for Eduroam, RUG-FN2 (manual University of Groningen, for iphone but works for ipad too)
  • Updating the Alphabetical Page of Apps.
  • Updating the delicious Apps descriptions with tags for categories. This makes it possible to search & select them by category easier
    • medical
    • communication
    • workflow
    • useful tools
    • ebooks
    • ejournals
    • search
    • library 
    • and relevant medical subject tags
  • The list of emails from people wanting to lend the iPads is getting bigger and bigger.
  • We have contacts with various people inside and outside the hospital about this project and the iPads.
  • One of the teachers wants to use one of our iPads for a study on usefulness of the iPad for peopl ewith visibility problems 
  • Even an request from nursing staff to lend one iPad to a patient who is severely ill for a very long period and completely isolated. 
  • The hospital is installing several wifi-networks inside the main building and floors. This is a great boost for mobile devices and accessibilty of medical information. 


Project Schedule

  1. Buying (done, 6 iPads received: 3 for loan, 3 for internal use inside among library staff)
  2. Setting Up (Just started. There will be a complete list of installed apps on this wiki. Have a look at the Apps via iPadCMB Tag in Delicious
    Read: Meanwhile, ...what I bumped into
    1. workflow 
    2. communication
    3. search & library
    4. ebooks and journals 
    5. reference management
    6. medical apps 
    7. fun 
  3. Agreement for loan
  4. Tips for lending the iPads
  5. List of installed apps & tools
  6. Testing period. We will be showing the iPads to our Library Committees members and our student library staff. 
    That way we will get insights from research, education, patient care and students point of view.
  7. Start lending
  8. Evaluation, Survey





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