Background info

This is a working document on everything I bumped into setiing this up ....


Setting up the iTunes Account, email address, connection with credit cards or Clickandbuy.


Project Schedule

  1. Buying (done, 6 iPads received: 3 for loan, 3 for internal use inside among library staff)
  2. Setting Up (Just started. There will be a complete list of installed apps on this wiki. Have a look at the Apps via iPadCMB Tag in Delicious
    Read: Meanwhile, ...what I bumped into
    1. workflow 
    2. communication
    3. search & library
    4. ebooks and journals 
    5. reference management
    6. medical apps 
    7. fun 
  3. Agreement for loan
  4. Tips for lending the iPads
  5. List of installed apps & tools
  6. Testing period. We will be showing the iPads to our Library Committees members and our student library staff. 
    That way we will get insights from research, education, patient care and students point of view.
  7. Start lending
  8. Evaluation, Survey




Following closely: