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Background info

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on November 15, 2010 at 4:30:16 pm

This is a working document on everything I bumped into setiing this up ....


  • Setting up the iTunes Account, email address, connection with credit cards or Clickandbuy.
  • Choice of desktop to start setting it up. For now I use my own desktop, and plan to test iTunes Libraries on portable hardisk drives
  • One account lets me install my licenced/bought apps on max 5 other devices. Are they planning on removing this limit? So I need to think of a workflow controlling this app collection and iTunes Library for synchronisation with the iPads we now have.
  • While Starting with getting apps or other content on the iTunes account, I decided to share what I bought/installed, subscribed via the Twitter share option in iTunes Store. As I have installed and connected my Twitter account DIGICMB with packrati.us, it will automatically create a Delicious Bookmark with that app info. I will tag all apps and content on the iPad with "ipadCMB" .
  • Very handy info on setting it up, back-up en "cleaning" at the end of the article by Oliver Obst
  • In our networked systems (Microsoft XP, Novell, ) the backup is saved at: 
    X:\Data\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
  • While working down the list of possible apps and functionality, the question arises what criteria I should follow for selection ... As the idea is to create a real "show-case" iPad as many useful apps should be available.
  • Are there any good dictation recording apps that manage the Dutch language? Need to look into that first.
  • If there is no iPad app yet in the store, we are getting the iPhone version 
  • The Library itself will be offering several "home-buttons", rss-feeds, podcasts, and possibly even some search facilities as optimized html-pages derived from our widgets, searchboxes and toolbars. Is there any easy tool to make ipad optimized  webpages?


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