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General Instructions

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  • Every user will have to sign a short contract when lending one of our iPads.
  • The lending period is two weeks for each user with no possibility to expand (due to expected high demand on our available 6 iPads.
  • Do I need to login and/or need accounts for the Apps?
    Yes, for some. The iPads contains  apps that require personal login and accounts for the specific. You can see which apps demand this kind of login on the lists of Apps installed. 
  • Can I use my personal settings, logins and accounts on Apps safely?
    Yes. The iPads from the CMB UMCG are completely wiped clean and re-installed after every loan-period.
  • The iPads are pre-set with a wifi configuration profile for Eduroam. If you have a small type sim-card you can insert it in the iPad to activate 3G with your own subscription. (read more about how to set up configuration profiles at Background info
  • What are the settings for the PROXY CMB 0ff-campus access to the digital content of the library?
  • Access to the UMCG WOA (Werkplek Op Afstand): 
  • Are there any tools to access my network files from the RUG off-campus?
    • We advise to use WebDav for this. 
  • General Ipad Info: De "foute iPad cursus V5 (pdf in Dutch) 



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