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All Apps Alphabetical

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This page is going to show all Medical Apps currently installed on our iPADS in alphabetical order.

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    • Extra:  
      Bluefire Reader
  • Cardiology Suite 
    The Cardiology suite is a comprehensive collection of cardiology i-pocket and i-pocketcards titles. With the purchase of the master app, the Cardiology i-pocketcards are included. 
    • Topic: Cardiology
    • User responses:
    • Extra:  In-App purchases include:

      Cardiology i-pocketcards
      Cardiology i-pocket
      ECG Cases i-pocket
      Acute Coronary Syndrome i-pocketcards
      Antithrombotic Therapy i-pocketcards
      Atrial Fibrillation i-pocketcards
      Heart Failure i-pocketcards
      Hypertension i-pocketcards
      Angiography i-pocketcards
      Cardiac Stress Testing i-pocketcards
      ECG i-pocketcards
      Echocardiography i-pocketcards
    • Cardiology Suite  


  •  Casemix Viewer 
    Casemix the viewer is an interactive display of the dot product structure. The operation of theproduct structure touches the organizations and professionals in curative care in the Netherlands.This viewer one sees the translation of the care provided to a chargeable care product.


 Casemix Viewer



























    • Topic: Files, network, access
    • User Responses: generally used by University of Groningen Staff

      WebDAV Navigator




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